Monday, May 26, 2008

New Proxy List

Internet surfers are always looking to find the newest and free proxy list. But some people find that some of the proxy servers are old and not effective with the new internet network. Now if you want the most effective new proxies, then you must use the fresh proxy list provided in the side of this proxy site. The fresh proxy list in this website is updated regularly and therefore there are only effective proxy server lists in this proxy site. Many orkut and MySpace users give compliment on this proxy site for the effectiveness of new myspace proxy and orkut proxy. Many people in US frequently use myspace proxy for different reasons. And also orkut proxy is increasingly used in these last few months and therefore nowadays I update the list of orkut proxies also in this fresh proxy list. Now enjoy your surfing of internet anonymously and also hiding your identity by using the new proxy list in this proxy site.